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OMIS specialises in providing bespoke services and advice linked to geographical issues - whether these relate to places, people or property or to investment, development or occupation.

An A-Z (almost) of our services is reflected in a selection of recent OMIS research and typical project types undertaken for clients:

    • Audits, assessments, action plans
    • Benchmarking / best practice standards
    • Business management briefings
    • Case studies research
    • City performance monitoring
    • Demographic studies / OMIS data sets
    • Existing site assessments
    • Feasibility studies
    • Footprint programming
    • Global investment / divestment planning
    • HR recruitment and benchmarking
    • International talent mapping
    • Joint research initiatives
    • Knowledge sharing
    • Labour market / workforce profiling
    • Locations profiling / evaluation / optimisation / reviews
    • Market research and multi-client studies
    • New locations validation
    • Offshoring / near-shoring / reverse offshoring
    • Project and programme planning / management
    • Reward and recognition research
    • Risk assessments
    • Sustainability studies
    • Trends reporting
    • UK inward investment assistance
    • Valuation research
    • Wage costs, staff remuneration and benefits

OMIS works across all industry sectors, predominantly focusing on office- and knowledge-based activities. Over the past 20 years, much of our work has been linked to the opening or expanding of customer contact centres, technology centres, satellite offices or shared service centre operations, as well as evaluating opportunities for offshoring, near-shoring or overseas outsourcing of a growing range of business activities.

Since the global financial crisis, the core focus of OMIS's work has changed to assisting clients match people and property capacity needs with expected business and market demands, resulting in leaner business operations and location strategies, site closures and job losses.

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